Detailed Site Specific Information:
1. Site Information
a. Name
b. Project Address & GPS Coordinates
2. System Size
3. Proposed Equipment Used with Datasheets

The design needed to have the following:
(a) PV Tilt Angle
The proposed mounting arrangement of the modules i.e. flush or tilt mounted is indicated on the drawings.
(b) PV Module layout
The design drawings include a module layout. Please note that this is a guide only and that the Contractor will be responsible for the final design of the PV system including the module layout and ensuring that it complies with this specification.
(c) DC Optimisers
Open to the idea of including DC optimisers in areas where excessive shading may adversely affect the output of the PV system

Preliminary Design
A preliminary design shall be submitted as part of the response and shall include the following details for each site.
(a) Proposed PV modules and Inverter Manufacturer and Model including manufacturer data sheets - only if there’s any changes to the spec;
(b) Proposed Total System PV capacity;
(c) Proposed PV capacity installed on each building;
(d) Proposed preliminary module layout drawing showing which areas of the roof will be utilised;
(e) Proposed inverter locations;
(f) Expected annual energy output of proposed PV system and estimated CO2 and cost savings;
(g) Expected energy exported to grid;
(h) Shading considerations;
(i) Proposed type of mounting system and racking system including tilt angles;
(j) Proposed Switchboard connection points

In summary, we need the following:
● Design Module Layout
● Design Report
● Shading Analysis


Site Schematics
Please find attached a sample for Site Schematics in Appendix
● Site Overview
● Roof Layout & String Layout Configuration

DC Schematics

Please find attached a sample for DC Schematics in Appendix
● Overview Schematics
● Configuration Schematics

AC Schematics

Please find attached a sample for AC Schematics in Appendix
● AC Electrical Schematics
● AC Protection Schematic


1. Solar PV Layout
  • 2a. Roof layout without PV
2b. Roof layout with PV
  • 3. String colouring Layout
4. Cable tray & earthing layout
  • 5. Schematic Diagram
    • 6. Plant SLD
    7. Combiner box