Other Services
At Girbaa, we have a team of qualified CAD drafters with great level of experience in supporting to designing HVAC and plumbing systems for North American buildings. We support to design HVAC building systems using HAP (Hourly Analysis Program) ASHRAE, SMACNA, North American building codes, Ventilation codes and gas codes.

Girbaa also assists architects and engineers in designing Plumbing layout, sizing Sanitary, Potable and Storm water management systems and perform plumbing Fixture selections based on local plumbing codes.

Try our drafting services by sending a sample project for estimation. Do remember to ensure the following are part of your RFQ:

  1. Sample project in CAD and PDF
  2. CAD standards
  3. Input files
  4. The Brief – outlining the task to be performed
  5. Schedule of deliverables